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Good morning, guys welcome back to another video Before we jump into what we're gon na be doing today. I just wanted to let you guys know that we do have a new vlogging schedule that we are going to do our best to abide by. This is in reference to some of those changes that I'd mentioned a few videos back. I'M really excited about the fact that we are nearing that daylight savings time and more vlogging opportunity is on the horizon. We'Re gon na be uploading still on Thursdays and Sundays, but rather than 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, we're gon na be shooting for what did we say? Seven, eight! Let'S go check that real, quick. We said 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time back to the garage we're gon na, be shooting for 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, 7 p.m. central 6 p.m. mountain and, of course, for you West Coast, guys. That would be 5 p.m. West Coast time. So now that you know the time and that we're going to be sticking to Thursday and Sunday, we're also going to be adding in another day, which is gon na be Tuesday so schedule in review Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday is going to be the new upload schedule. I'M really excited to have the ability to spend some more time with you guys. It'S been something that I've been yearning for, and finally the time has come so in today's video we're gon na be trying, try it again so in today's video we're gon na be doing, I don't know why I want to keep saying that, so this is what We got planned for today's video guys we're gon na be spending some time with this wheel and tire combination that has not been yet married together. We'Re gon na get those mounted and balanced. Here'S at some point later in the video now before we go ahead and get these wheels and tires loaded up. We'Re gon na have to figure out what truck it is that we want to take just wash the LBZ. A few days ago, and it's kind of moist out right now, LML is just a little bit more dirty. So I think this is what we're gon na take today. So if you guys saw one of my previous uploads, I actually went out and picked these wheels up use. These are 22 by 12 negative 40 independent American force SS 8. They are not grey. I know that in some lighting they can come off as grey, but they are actually a matte black, very nice, very simple wheel, which I'm really excited about. I'Ve always loved this style. It'S just the right wheels, never came up. We are gon na be wrapping that 22 by 12 in these tires right here. These are Nitta Terra grappler G, twos, they're a 305 45 22. So if, where you went and actually measured from the ground to the top of this tire, it'll probably come in right at about 32 inches and, from a wit perspective, we're sitting right there at about 11 and a half, maybe 12 inches depending on how. But you round up, so I only have a little bit of experience with all-terrain tires. All that experience thus far has come from the giveaway LBZ, I've loved them and really that's what influenced the decision to go out and pick these up and I've honestly read nothing. But great things about these knit O's and honestly, you could say that I'm somewhat of a knit, Oh advertisement as I have the trail grapplers on my LM L, anybody watching from knit. Oh, you guys can go ahead and give me a buzz. I'D, be more than willing to work with you guys on a sponsorship, but on a serious that I'm very excited about running these tires. They are going to be a slight bitch stretch. Then we go and get them mounted in balance. So let's go ahead and get these things loaded up here that way we can get it ready to rock and roll. When we have an appointment at 2 o'clock, we have about an hour and a half's time to knock out the modification on the LBZ. But first, let's get these things done: [, Music, ]! Alright, now that we are pretty much good and ready to go also a quick update before we leave, I did not install the relays yet on the turn. Signals haven't gotten around to it because the grounds been so wet. But I do plan on doing that and I will keep you guys up to date as how it regulates the turn signal. By the way guys. We only have a few weeks remaining on the giveaway lbz's crazy. To think that this truck the keys and the title will be one of yours in just a few weeks, this giveaway ends February 28th. Every 20 dollars spent on merchandise at enthusiasts. Calm is your entry to get a chance to win this thing, so no.6 LBZ? It'S got over $ 10,000 in modifications and insana the perfect daily driver, I'm freaking stoked to be able to give this to one of you guys and watch you drive off into the sunset with it. That'S gon na be a day that I will never forget. Applause, ] I'll tell you guys what it feels so good to be driving this truck again. We always go through these long periods of disconnectedness only because I like to protect this thing and preserve it from all of that nasty contaminant that happens up here in the winter time when we get nice days like today. It'S a prime opportunity to take this truck out and not feel that guilty conscience in the back your mind, saying that you're just ruining it by exposing it to salt now granted. Does that really happen after a few times exposed? No, do I wash my trucks right after they're exposed to salt? Yes, so is it really that big of a deal? No, am i a little bit dramatic? Yes - and I am all about it - and that stell series turbo just always whistles to the perfect harmony, Duramax derek nodded, Ermac jamie's Duramax. Now before we pull in here, i got to tell you guys a really funny story. That'S somewhat embarrassing, but i needed to share it. I had this truck out the other day for the first time in a long time drove great ran great felt great at some point along the time that i was driving this truck, i accidentally turned on the four-wheel drive without realizing that i turn it on. So when i went to back into my driveway, I felt like my steering was really heavy now without even trying to look at anything. That'S going on immediately in my control in the truck I automatically assumed the worse than I thought that it was a wheel bearing, but it was kind of a weird wheel bearing symptom because while it wasn't making any noise, so I drove it out this morning and I'M thinking - oh my god. Of course this happened it's about time. Three years, 14 wides, it was inevitable and I yeah it was just the four-wheel drive on the entire time. So go me, but I needed to share it because what's humility, if you don't embrace it! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to e town, auto work, oh and by the way, guys smell shit, not happen this step in some. So it's not like. I shit my pants a hot hose mission, poop removal much better. This is like a fun fact that I just learned the other day. The Nitto tires actually come with different designs on either side of the sidewall, so be conscientious of that when you're mounting them, because it'd be kind of weird. If you had one side on one side and then totally opposite on the other, or vice versa, so we're sticking with this design and there is a look for you guys for the tire on the wheel. The tire is just a little bit more narrowed than twelve infinite wide, so they're gon na actually have to probably Chi to the kid I think no cheater required. You know I got to admit it's probably just a little bit frustrating trying to mount a tire. That'S not as wide as the wheel together see you guys. Thanks again, anybody from Lancaster Pennsylvania definitely advise coming out and checking out a town auto. These guys are great and we don't have any shit on the shoes, which is a good thing. So I know a lot of you guys are curious as to why we actually picked the wheels up that you're seeing right here behind me. So I wasn't really in the market per se for another set of wheels. But I had explained in my previous upload about Facebook marketplace that I'm always kind of skimming the classifieds and as an automotive enthusiast, there are always things that you can simply justify buying. So when these wheels came up, it was kind of a no-brainer. Now the secret might be kind of obvious by now, but yes, those wheels are for the minimap. We'Re just recap: history, real quick! I had a set of 20 by 12 anthems with 305 55 420 s, great set up loved, went out to meet up with my buddy Cummings Kirk for a little while, okay Alex Kirk, and he basically said hey. Do you want to buy my forces for a price, and I said: well, I can't beat that price. Oh yeah absolutely ran the forces on the minimax for just a few short weeks, and although I love them, I love the way they look. I'M a huge advocate for 14 wides. They are just not fit for that truck, which makes me honestly pretty sad, because I love the way they look but driving. That truck isn't like driving this truck with 14 wides, which is very comfortable after driving the minimax with the 14 wides for an extended amount of time. You know I've put a decent amount of miles on and I just don't really think that I'm in love with the setup. It doesn't really feel right and honestly, it's kind of a nuisance to drive, whereas this truck with 14 wides it's wide, but definitely not a moose, Music ] give you guys a quick little look and the finished product and a big reason that I jumped on This offer, when I saw it, is because I fell in love with the wheels that are on the giveaway truck. You guys can see. That is a very simple spoke design. Compared to this, and that's what I really love simplicity is bliss. That'S what I try and do with all of my builds, as you guys know, that's a little bit more intricate, but still pretty simple, I'm a tad bit bummed that we don't have the mini max back, but that's because Shawn is handling business with it right now. The great news about that truck is it should be back here on the vlog in a matter of a few days. That truck is going to be going through an entirely new transformation which I couldn't be any more excited about, but we will be throwing these wheels on as soon as we get this thing back. So we're back at the garage and we're gon na actually be working on the new dually. Today we actually have a collection of parts already assembling for the dually and a lot more things on the way. So I hope that you guys are excited about seeing this build, kick off right away, we're not wasting any time, alright guys so, first things. First, we are actually going to do a new key fob on this truck. We got a key fob from our friends at boost Auto Parts they actually sent these over, which is pretty cool. It'Ll. Give you basically the new key fob style for the older truck. You guys can see right here, here's the old style - and this is the one that actually came with the other set of keys on this truck. It'S brand new. They have like all the nice grips on it, which is neat, but I want that new style key fob which we're going to be right now so to program. This thing it's pretty simple, so we have functionality of the current one. There'S your lock! There'S your unlock. What we need to do is basically hold down the unlock button cycle, the ignition twice. So that is your indication that it's just now in program mode, so we're just gon na hold both of these buttons, the lock in the unlock button down for like 30 seconds. Until we get that other haptic feedback there we go. Alright, it just cycled again. So now we should have control through our new key fob. Maybe I missed the step good. That was our last indication. Now we should have full functionality all right, pretty nice, so again, guys. There'S your new boost, auto parts key fob right there versus your old one. So now we're gon na put this one on this is gon na, be my full-time use and this one's gon na be a backup spare again big shout-out to boost auto parts. There you guys can see an extremely used om one that came on my 2015 L ml and then the boost auto parts, one which is practically identical - boost, auto parts, calm I'll, also put a link for these down in the description below you. Guys can go ahead and use that link. It'S actually an affiliate code too, so show those guys how much you're excited about these and grab them while they're hot. Now, that's one of the many mods we're going to be doing today in this box. We have some other things that we are going to be adding to the dually we're not wasting any time with this truck. I want to get started right away so, as the mods come in, we are going to install them. So we have a bunch of stuff from our friends at recon lighting. Alright, so we've got a bunch of little boxes, we'll get to those here in a minute. I want to produce some big ones. This is where we're gon na start they're pretty much giving the dually a complete lighting overhaul in one video wow. These are sick, they're gon na look really good. You know. Timing was kind of ironic with how we're doing all these lighting upgrades. I'Ve really never done any lighting upgrades to my own personal trucks, but now we're knocking out two of our trucks in one week Wow. So if you guys can recall, we just did the new O LED om 1500 high country tail lights on my 2500 HD today. We'Re gon na be doing some LED tail light upgrades to the new dually by the way, guys I'm still reviewing all of your submissions for the suggestions on what we're gon na be naming this big booty Judy right here. It'S basically like Ron Burgundy for the truck. I was actually considering that NIC guitar mageddon zl1 had actually suggested that we were hanging out the other day, but I just haven't locked it down. Yet a lot of you guys came up with a lot of awesome suggestions, so give me a little bit more time. So big shout out to recon lighting. If you guys want you can get 20 % off at recon. I have a discount code below discount code. Enthusiast, get you 20 % off luv. Hooking you guys up of quality parts, went with their LED style kind of C shaped tail lights for this trucks. They are fully blacked-out. Backings they've got LED brake lights in the middle, a little segment right here for the reverse light, and then you can see that the running light is actually that LED C style, which is pretty sweet. Just pop right out. Definitely don't want to get the brand-new hoody dirty so this'll do this is gon na go. I guess is there, this is gon na go there and then I guess we just used the pre-existing bulb down at the bottom. Now, quick disclaimer for you guys, if you're looking to run these tail lights, there's a little bit of trimming required. If you are running a dually running into a slight little issue. So you're gon na have to do just a little bit of trimming, but you can see you where that contact point is we're just going to go ahead and do a small little stencil with our dremel tool here to make sure that there's enough clearance and we'll Throw a little bit of paint on it just to make sure it doesn't rust, [, Music ]. Let'S do a quick test fit here before we sand this down and make it look. Pretty looks like we actually have to take the entire area out here. Just to make room [, Music, ], nice, that's what we were going for. Oh man, those look sick, so I'm gon na just go ahead and grab a sanding blade for that thing. Smooth up some of these edges here and then we'll finish it up all right. So, just like we did with the 2015 I'll show you guys a quick little after and then a before shot. We'Ve got the tailgate down, so you can just give a quick comparison as to the improvement that we made tremendous improvement. If you were to ask me so, as we did last time, I'm gon na go ahead and back the truck up into the garage to give you guys a good comparison between the Recon lights versus the OEM lights. So we'll use our brand new boost, auto parts key fob to do a double tap. There'S your lock! Then your unlock way more responsive, then I'll go ahead and turn the running lights on, for you guys back to G. A good look is what its gon na look like cruising down the road. Both new taillights are installed, the old ones are off se, we made a pretty significant improvement and your overall looks not really sure what I'm gon na do with those quite yet. Oh, they look great. They really work well with the color scheme of this truck, so I'm kind of blows to what you guys think of the new taillights while we're on that topic. Now, what we're gon na do is we're actually going to change some more lights on this truck. So, on the Dooleys being that you have these massive arches that come off of the rear of the bed, you need d-o-t or running lights, so there's a red and then an amber. As you can see, I think they're, not really all that healing. Looking in my personal opinion, so we're gon na change those as well. Oh, you know we need here boys, the mattress. Finally, we get to use this thing, so what we'll do is we will replace that one definitely needs replace, we'll replace the front one on the driver side first and then we'll get to the back. One know if there's like a specific side to these or not I'm assuming there probably isn't so, there's an indicator for you guys. These are red lights indicated by that little red dot and here are Amber's. So let's take this one first, that had to have been one of the easiest things I've ever done. I know let's knock out the back side, one as well man that just looks so much cleaner. It'S those tiny little touches that make these massive changes. In my personal opinion, so there's your before and your after all right so now that we have that side done, I'm stoked about that. That looks really good. We have one final piece, that's missing when you see the tact tablets just a little bit out of place. No stone unturned here guys. I got a new led third brake light as well, so we'll go ahead and get this thing installed too. So there's yo yam and then here is your recon tinted as well, and it's got LEDs in either side. So that'll be pretty nice, alright cool guys and that's installed as well. That was like three minutes, not all that bad and definitely looks a lot better I'll fire. This thing up for you guys to give you a quick finished product, so what the hazards on you guys can see that the inside lights, blink, there's two strips of LEDs, the outside - is for the turn signal. Then you have your running light. Then, of course, your reverse light, and over on the side, we've got a full LED, which is really nice. There'S a total look at the overhaul of the back end of the truck thus far, and already it's taking great shape, really really pleased with recon. Thank you guys again so much for the product, and I love the way that it looks on the truck so that about wraps up this video. I know we were bouncing all over the place, but thanks for bearing with me guys, we got the wheels and tires pretty much just waiting patiently for the mini max to arrive. That thing is gon na be coming back in just a few videos. I know you guys are really excited to see that truck and its progress from Shawn down a piece of automotive body, so I look forward to a video there stay tuned for the shop update as well. I'M still working through some of the details with the owner of that place. I'M really excited, though, as you guys can see, we need space. We need way more space, because right now I am just completely out - and that brings me to the LBG giveaway guys - we're only two weeks away - two weeks away from that giveaway becoming nothing. But a figment of history on this channel grab your entries. While you can, every twenty dollars equals one entry. You do not want to miss out on your chance to take that truck home, guys, just imagine being the one that receives that phone call mid-march saying that I'm flying you here to hang out for a day to take that truck and drive it home. It'S gon na be a life-changing event for one of you guys, thanks for watching guys, give this video a big thumbs up tap that subscribe button on your way out I'll see you guys in the next one Music ] forty play gave me worked hard on My left is no help from my word. Would you buy me a mercedes-benz

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