Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Top 5 Performance Mods For Your Truck! (That Actually Work)

You know what is up you two today, I'm gon na be talking about the five mods that I think everyone, if they're willing to do Massa truck their daily driver, whatever they want. These are the five mods that I think are actually worth it and you shouldn't regret it and you actually see a difference in and all these modifications are gon na, be performance, modifications, nothing, aesthetic. I like having a truck that looks kind of nice. I know I kind of neglect it sometimes, but as far as spending my money on aesthetics, I don't really put too much money into that and y'all can see in my previous videos on that. I know I've seen a couple of these videos, especially with the Silverados and all that that people talk about their mods and what they've done and, in my opinion, the modifications they've done. Probably total only gave them 15 horsepower, even though they claim it's night and day difference. Nothing against that. But this is just my opinion of your money well-spent. So, with some of the money they spent, they definitely could have gone a different route like I did and just spent about the same, if not just a little bit more before a more outcome and power. When I look at modifications, I look at how much money I spend for how much horsepower I gain or how much performance I gain. So that's what these modifications are about in this video now the first mod is going to be like any other basic mod that you're gon na do. The very first thing on your vehicle is gon na, be cold air intake, and this I'm not too picky about just anything that can get in just a little bit more air than the stock airbox, and all that sometimes the stock airbox is fine, but maybe just A different filter and all that again, I'm not stressing too much about this, because, in my opinion, I don't think it does really too much horsepower. I'Ve seen on the newer year model trucks that it does a lot like. I think 1520 wheel horsepower on the dyno, which is pretty good. To be honest as far as my year model, I don't really think it does too much with the stock engine. So what I have here is the K.

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