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What'S going on everyone, it's a beautiful day today, I want to go ahead and start this video off. On a positive note, I went to the beach earlier today. Just took some pretty sweet pictures or some pelicans actually a ton of pelicans. We found a school of mullet and actually like dipped in the water with them, which was super super sick, so enjoy some of these pictures and this cool boomerang that I got from today and you know we're trying to start off on just a positive note. Every day is a new day and we're going strong, Music ]. That was pretty cool. I think it was pretty cool. I got some good pics, that's just something I'm into and it's cool to share it with you guys now some exciting news. Finally, for the truck we got some parts in. What is this I'll? Tell you what it is, I'm not gon na lie. I splurged when I bought the oil cooler and I bought a full 5-inch straight pipe. So I literally just straight pipe this truck like last week like 4-inch straight pipe, and it sounds great, but I suck at saving money and I bought a five inch. So these pipes are literally gigantic pipes like they're freakin huge. So what I'm gon na do today is see if I can pull out the old exhaust and put this in. So I actually do have a surprise for you guys, but I'm gon na save it to the end of the video go ahead and skip through it. If you want you're gon na be disappointed anyways, but I do have a surprise. I think it is absolutely hilarious. I'Ve literally laughed probably six separate times in the past hour, just because it's so stupid and funny like it's just dumb, but I'm saying that for after now my only worry with installing this exhaust right now I still have no turbo. Now you may think. Oh bro, it's the exhaust like that, doesn't matter, but it kind of does matter now. I won't know until I get under here. I didn't install the whole exhaust myself, so I don't know how it works, but I'm not sure how it's going to affect the alignment. Like I don't want to tighten everything up and go put the turbo in and the down pipe is sitting two inches too close or two inches or you know, that's maybe a little excessive, but you know it just won't align properly, and you know it's not that Big of a deal, I could always go back and loosen up the bolts and adjust everything. I'M probably just gon na get it mocked up for now. Leave everything slightly loose, we'll see. I don't know if there's any like specific bracket, you know we'll just see when we get in there, but I'm going to go ahead and start pulling off this exhaust and we'll get to work. [, Music, ], Applause, ], [, Music, ], all right so just laid this out on the floor just to get an idea and there's a couple things: I'm confused about one there's two of these pipes right here and I'm not sure. If that's like two, I don't know, maybe if you have a long bed, that's like to extend a little longer, I'm not sure, or maybe I don't know, I want to say, there's three pipes that are straight this one this one in this one right. This one's got like a bigger end on each side to slip on the tubes. Both of these only have one side, that's bigger, so I don't know if I use one or two also right here: Music, ], Applause ]. So these two pieces are supposed to connect like this: I'm not sure if I'm supposed to weld them or or what I think, I'm just gon na weld them together. Cuz, that's the only way that makes sense. Cuz this way is way too loose and it says in the diagram this way, because then this goes on here like this and then this goes on here like this and it goes inside there and that's how it goes. So I guess we'll just figure it out. As we put it on, I don't really know: I'm gon na go ahead and strip the old exhaust off right now. So I'm having some issues the whole exhaust pretty much came out easy, but this downpipe right here, I'm not gon na get under the car. But basically it goes down like this and then loops under and just go straight and there's like a straight pipe and those they're, not all one pipe they're like three separate pipes, but the clamps are all like they've been on there for so long they're, pretty much One pipe now, so I've got to wait for my buddy to come. Someone could hang up here by the downpipe and hold it and we'll twist it and Hammer it and stuff until that sucker comes off also. I was playing with this a bit and I think I figured something out so I'm not sure what these are, for, I don't know, maybe they're, to put the stock like kind of let it convert or something. But this one piece works perfectly to go from four to five inch, and this is a five-inch straight pipe. The down pipe part is four inches, because that is literally the biggest down pipe. You can fit in these trucks without cutting the firewall. So when you get a five inch straight pipe, it comes with a four inch down pipe and then five inch all the way. The rest of the way same thing with a four inch. You get a four inch straight pipe. Usually you get a three inch down pipe and then four inch all the way I could be wrong, but from what I've read and from what I've seen that's how it is so technically, it's a four inch down pipe to a five inch straight pipe. But really you just say five inch straight pipe, that's it all. So I decided to read the instructions and I mentioned before how there were two of the same pipes. So, basically, if I'm correct what you're supposed to do is start from the axle put the down pipe in first start from the axle and then work your way back. And then you measure how much you need and then you cut and you use just the amount that you need. So they make it. So I guess, if it's long beds and short beds and like single cabs - and I like pretty much every variation of the six up, pretty cool. Actually, alright, it's a new day. I did end up getting that old down pipe out. So, let's waste no time and put this new exhaust on check this up real quick, I just had the best idea, like I've ever had in my life. So this is my old turbo right here or it's the housing part of it, and it was laying on my workbench. I got the bright idea to just throw it in there threw in one bolt down here, so that is perfectly aligned right now, which means I can now clamp the down pipe to this and align the whole exhaust and tighten everything up, and it will be perfectly Aligned when I take this out and drop in the new turbo, that was just something I thought about like right on the spot and it's like one of those things that makes perfect sense and it works perfectly, and you don't know why you didn't think about it Before so, let's keep going alright, we just managed to get this down pipe in my dad's. Actually under there right now, he's crying it yeah he's moving he's prying it while I hit it with a rubber mallet and we finally got it to go in. But it's a pain and the, but that's definitely like maximum down pipe size in this in this truck, so I'm gon na go ahead and throw this back on real quick. So that way we can v-band clamp this to the down pipe and then we can do the whole rest of the exhaust Music ]. Okay, so let me explain: what's going on real quick now, these are some of the hangers that come with the exhaust. This one, I'm holding, is clearly a lot longer than the one. That'S on there right now. This long one is the one that in the diagram show it's supposed to go here, but if I use this one right here, it doesn't hold the exhaust up enough. Like you won't you can't see, but so, if you look way down there see the exhaust touching on that beam right. There can't have that cuz. Then if I leave it like that, it'll start rattling, so I'm going ahead and using the shorter one right now you can hear my dad in the background cutting this second piece about 12 inches long to connect from here to here, and then we've got this running. All the way over here and then it goes over the axle and dumps right here: [, Music ] all right. So this is the main hangar for the exhaust, it's right by the rear axle, and it's the only one that supports the exhaust from the top. So the other ones kind of don't really do anything. This one was a bit too long. What we did is that we actually cut it in half, I'm gon na go ahead and weld it together like this, so it's a bit shorter and can like actually support the exhaust we've got. I just hit with a world right here, both sides. So it's pretty solid, so I'm just waiting for it to cool off before I throw it on the car. Well should be good to go so I'm pretty much finished up the whole entire exhaust and a little bit of cutting and welding to do. But it was like huh not that bad. The hardest part was definitely fitting that four-inch down pipe in it did not want to go in there. We'Re not quite finished yet it is dark outside, but there's still one more touch, one more unfinished piece of business. I told you guys at the beginning of this video I had a surprise for you well you're about to find out what it is right now: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], so yeah. I did end up getting fat bad exhaust tip. It'S 10 inches in diameter. Stupid big, I could literally put over my head, but I think fat axle. Don'T look super sick, probably not on a stock truck, but I don't look sick when it's all lifted and whatnot, I'm just gon na, send it now cuz, I don't care. Would this be considered like truck rice or something I don't know cuz it's pretty fat, so I'm just gon na go ahead and throw it on all quick and see what it looks like. I already see this bad boy. I just put it on. I just finished. Tightening everything down everything is completely done and it's looking safe. It looks insane look at this. Oh look at that fat bug following me. Dude look at that sucker looks insane definitely looks a little funny on a stock truck, hopefully have it lifted in no time. That'S already there so it looks sick. I'M really happy with the outcome. I like how I point straight down and I can't wait to see what it sounds like. Unfortunately, my engine is half apart right now and have a bunch of work to do to it. As you guys know already, so can't start it up now, but I promise once everything's back together and the truck is actually in working condition. A dual full sound clip video. So you can hear everything what it sounds like what it looks like rolling down the street. Whatever it is I'll cram all that stuff into a future video, but for now thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you liked that little stupid, like skit thing I did, I don't know, I don't know where that came from I just I don't I'm speechless, but I hope you guys got a laugh out of it. I sure got a kick out of. I thought was hilarious, but the rest of my parts are supposed to come back tomorrow, which means we can get the real work, which means we're one step closer to finally driving this bad boy again, anyways thanks again for watching and I'll see you guys later, wedeck Wan na be me, it's not what it seems running to the bank. Put it wet on my Achilles. We been dumb and blue faces, like they watching tents, on a run from m.i.a up to Washington, [, Music, ]

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