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Tacoma Interior MODS and GEAR (Overland, Offroad, Daily Driver)

Hey guys how's, it going hope. You'Ve been well Merry Christmas, probably just after Christmas. I'M filming this on Christmas Eve, though so merry Christmas to you from me here in the past today, I'm doing a video on my truck the interior of my truck. So I've done a lot of exterior mods to my truck, obviously, if you're into that check out the channel a lot of videos on my truck. But I get a lot of questions about the interior of my truck. What gear I keep in there kind of how I have it organized. I did one a long time ago and ever since then, people have been asking me to do another one, and I've made some changes and done some updates. So I figured this was a good at a time as any to do that. I do have some more beanies left some of the colors sold out, but I have some left if you're, if you're into that there are a limited runs. So if you want one get in on that, and people will ask this - is a Costco flannel one of those really fluffy kind, that's really comfy and warm, but I'll quit wasting your time. We'Ll just get into the truck did add some Christmas lights on here. Very nice, so I have some stuff I'll get into more later, but this is a weboost antenna that I have on a ram mount. So I can fold it down with non-use and fold it up. I'Ll do a whole video on weboost later to kind of explain it. It'S a cell phone signal booster, but I have some parts in here that have it so I figured I'd mention it now. This truck is kind of dirty. It'S a truck. I live in the mountains, I go camping a lot. I have a dog that goes with me. He makes a mess so yeah get that out of the way up front and then I'm just gon na kind of go through what I have in here kind of how I've laid out kind of maybe some theory around. Why I have things configured the way that I have things quick tip if your car is beeping? If your truck I've heard people complain about that, and you can't get it to go off just hit this little button and then it'll quit beeping just pop it in and kind of like resets it all right. Let'S start on the door here, so I have a gym membership fob here and a little thing of pepper spray right on my door. Just in case I need to hit some pepper spray. Sometimes I take this into like I'll go to my post office at night or something get check my p.o box and I'll just carry that as a non-lethal. Sometimes it's nice just to have quick access to some pepper spray. If you have some crazy person on your car, just pull down your window and with some pepper spray, I'm not really advising that you do that, but you know if there's some crazy situation. This is, these are actually a little sticky things you put on the back of cellphones, I like to keep my wallet and everything very minimal, so some cards that I don't need all the time I keep here. So if I'm going to Costco, I'm driving and I'll just grab this out of there. I keep a couple of the cards in there also, and this is just adhere, so it sticks in here and when the door is closed. It just tucks behind they're completely out of sight. I have this panel, which is a Maxpedition admin panel, which I think they don't make anymore actually, but in here have a glass, seven extra Glock, 17 mag. I have a bench made. What is this? I forget. The model, but it's got like the seatbelt, cutter and the tree. Ah the bench made triage. Maybe I'm not. I might have that wrong, but glass, breaker and a knife of this is a little flashlight with a few magnetic options on here. So you can kind of just magnet it to something like that or like that, and it's just your typical LED light. Carabiner, a couple pens sharp a couple: triple-a batteries, nothing nothing too exciting in here in here I have a headlamp and I keep some dog treats in here both from my dog or if I see some stray that um you know, ran away and I'm trying to Get or maybe an aggressive dog treats are good to have on you and then here I have a ziplock and some just kind of trash bags for picking up trash or something, if I need to hear in there, so that's pretty much it on the driver's door. Here I have, this is a rag. I call this. My sliders rag, if you have sliders you'll, know that they get dirty and they'll get on your pants. Usually I don't care really if my pants get a little dirty, but sometimes I do so. I kind of keep that rag there all the time and mainly it's to wipe that down. But you know if I get a spill or something else, I could use that that rag that I was half here, WeatherTech mats, what you can see you need to be clean. They I've a cume these pretty much every week, but just kind of the dirt stays on there and my hose freezes over in the winter. Usually, so I don't, I can't hose it down too too much but WeatherTech mats. I hear the Huskies are pretty good, also and then, while we're down here, so I have a Maxpedition it Maxpedition pouch here it's velcro back, so it velcros right to the carpet. Here. I have a couple of patches I'll give these away to people. If I see them here and they're in here, I have cat tourniquet and some more trauma related items, a pair of Leatherman Raptor shears, a rescue me. This is a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter. This is my ham radio, so my ham, radio is actually under my seat, the mane and then the head unit is here. So people always ask what this is over here. It'S my ham, radio, it's the Yaesu, FTM 400 XD. I think maybe i'll do a video on ham radio at some point in the future, but i haven't done one yet so anyways this comes with a little bracket. I drilled a hole, there's a little cubby here. I drilled a hole into that and mounted the bracket right in there and that's that's there. It'S kind of out of out of the way nice kind of looks pretty OEM and when your doors closed people aren't, don't really see it, because it's kind of like down there. So I like to keep some stuff out of sight when I can, and it's not something I use all the time so when I need to, I can use it just fine. I did add a rock light switch into this panel here. So those are my underbody rock lights and then over here I did these switches here. So a lot of people ask well I don't have like an S pod or something like that. There'S nothing! I have nothing against them, nothing wrong with them, but they do break some time, you're rendered useless on all your switches. So these are all you know. If one of these breaks or something then I can still have all the use of all my other ones. So these are Tacoma specific kind of ones for my ditch lights, bumper light bar and top light bar, and the reason I like them down here. Sorry I having some weird weirdness with the focus, is when I'm driving I live in the mountains, and I use my light bars all the time when I'm driving my hand, just kind of naturally rests over here or dress here my ebrake will be down, and then I can just top this on and off kind of use them like high beams. So if I had an s pot or these mounted somewhere weird that I couldn't really reach - I couldn't just rest these here and pop them on on my back country, roads and pop them off. If another car comes so, I use these. You know whether it's legal or not I'm kind of out in the mountains - and I use them anyway, so I pop these on and off quite a bit at nighttime driving around. So I like having them kind of here easy access just like, and these are all just adhered with, some like double sided. I think some 3m tape I'll link to all this stuff, I'll link to this sweet I'll link to everything that you see that I can hear that. I remember too so check the video description down below for links, so you can get set up for that. I have here, let me unplug this there's a little USB charger that has always hooked up to my battery in it. So it tells me the status of my battery and lets me charge stuff of a short cable that can run up here to charge my phone when it's on one of these mounts that we'll get to in a second. So I have that also adhesive. So when you're like sitting here, you don't really see much stuff, you know stuff is pretty well hidden, but at a glance this is kind of can tell me the status of my battery. So I know when I'm so when I'm camping or something if this starts getting too low. I know maybe I should run my car for a while and charge it back up. I don't typically have much in my cupholders unless I have some cups or bottles or something, but I do sometimes keep my sunglasses down there. I'Ll usually have a mom me or be wearing them if it's sunny, but when I'm parked in the garage I try to leave them in there, so I have them the next morning and then we're going Fon, holder guy. Let me get my phone out, so I can actually show you ice on the back here. You stick one of these metal plates on and then you can stick it here. That does mean you can't do wireless charging, but this does have a wireless charger built-in right there, but it's not a great wireless charger, doesn't work that good. So I don't really use wireless charging much. I kind of went back and forth and I was using it for a bit, which is why I got this which I'll get to in a second, but for the most part I just use these magnet backs. So I have one here also this guy, so I have that here so then, when I'm driving it's kind of nice, if I'm GPS saying have my map out or whatever so it's kind of I use that there a lot of times, then right next to it. I have this 67 designs mount, which is nice, because it's just one hand operation you get in there. You can put at the top bottom, wherever in the middle, I usually put it kind of at the top at the bottom. So that way, I'm not sorry. This refresh rate on the screen is kind of weird with this, so that way, I'm not hitting these buttons or anything on the side. So then I can keep them kind of open. If I do that in there - and so that's a nice little mount, it has its own. It'S kind of like a ram ball system, but these balls are smaller, so they're, not a hundred percent compatible with Ram mounts, but it's all like nice, aluminium stuff, looks really classy. This little guy is the smallest arm, but these arms are carbon fiber, the actual arms - and you know they work kind of like your ear Ram balls, which this is what this channel is. I did a whole video, I'm kind of my RAM mounting system. I use these Ram balls for a lot of stuff, and this is the channel that i modded my tacoma to have this little channel in here. So you can slide these Ram balls around and tighten them down in the channel. So that's what's going on up here. Sorry this is driving me kind of crazy on the screen and then up here I have an owl cam, so this is like a security and dashcam. It has a camera. This faces that way, obviously in the camera that faces this way. The cool thing about this is connected to four glt: have the dimness way down on the screen, but it's connected to 4g, so it is always uploading. What that means is that, if you aren't by your car, say you park and you're in a movie, it can detect motion or you can detect being hit. It could detect. You know somebody opening your door and it'll, send you a real-time alert to your cell phone. So, if somebody's breaking into my truck before they can do anything because you know they can't disconnect this without first doing something to get into the truck, I will know what's happening, I'll, get an instant alert, not gon na run out to my car. So if you're trying to Jack my car just know, I'm probably on the way out so bad idea to do that with any with an owl system or you know other type of security systems as well. So in addition to that, it's your regular dashcam. It'S always on it's. You can always check the status. Also, if I'm curious, if I'm parked somewhere, I can real-time check the status and look at either of the cameras remotely wherever you know. I have service additionally, if somebody, if you, if you back into a parking spot for instance, and somebody bumps into your front bumper, it will turn on and it'll catch that in action. So a lot of cool things about the alcam I'll link to it down below. It'S it's been good for me house, you know some quirks like anything, but overall I definitely highly recommend again if any. If you wanted like a specific, more detailed video on any of this stuff, let me know down below and I'll kind of put into queue, but there's kind of this just windshield mount when I'm driving up here. It'S not actually blocking off any of my vision, because this is where the hood goes anyway, so it does seem like when it's down here, that's kind of like in your vision, but really it's not blocking any of my vision, because my hood is there already for Me anyway, and they have different mounts for different cars and stuff moving along. I don't know: let's go into the glovebox, I guess actually we'll go back here, real quick, I always so. These are llo these stickers eyes test these like the durability and stuff, and my bottle gets a ton of abuse. So that's why I always have all these, because whenever I introduced a new color, i tested on my bottle for a while first to make sure it holds up so anyway, my big now jean-bob, you pry, heard me talk. It doesn't fit into standard cupholders. So these are my headphones. I just use when I work out. I just kind of keep them keep them here, so I always have them. This is a cup holder that goes in to your cup holder and basically adapts it to use this, and that holds it plenty secure. I go off-roading and stuff quite a bit and this hasn't fallen out yet and you can still use the other cup holder for stuff. So that's kind of what I have going on back here. Just I could put this. You know up here somewhere, but it kind of gets in the way. So it's nice back here out of the way and I can still reach it pretty easily. So then, in my glove box I keep. This is a kuyou. I think it's at their merino wool or one of their just ultralight. So it's just super compact. It'S not the warmest thing, but it's a little bit of warm in case. I don't have a beanie and need one for some reason. I just kind of always keep that in here and I just kind of keep it on top to cover. What'S going on in here sorry, I should probably change my aperture because it's going in and out of focus so much, but we'll just go with it. So in here I have pepper spray and I have a couple lighters. I have one of these jet lighters and this isn't to make like a blowtorch. They just happen to be in the same little pocket. It'S like some bigger pepper spray here. This is like some Foxx like more fur, you know if I need to use it on a bear or something you know they say these are higher power than the bear spray. So you know animal cruelty might get after. You use this on a bear or something but whatever. I would gladly use this on a bear if I was in fear for my life or for bigger crowds of people, a gang of people trying to get after your whatever it's nice to have just a bigger. A bigger option than the thing that I have in my door - I have a lighter here, jet lighter and some bic lighters down in there in this little pocket. I have one of my koozies and it's just kind of where I keep some cash money. Some dollar bills in case I somehow forget my wallet or need cash for something or pay for parking, and they only take cash. I have that and a little bit of other cash, I think down there back here I have like my flashlights. Basically, so I have a big old, huge thrunite. This is like a ten-thousand lumen or something crazy, my stream light HLX and then my c2 recharger, which uses in 18 650 battery. So that way, this battery is an extra for this, but it's also a little cell phone charger. I have an extra pair of sunglasses in here, a little energy bar and some emergency tampons. If my girlfriend or some other girl is in desperate need of a tampon, they take up no spacers they're good to keep in your glove box, and you can save the day for someone sometime if, for some reason they forget a tampon, and here I have a Leatherman this is a Leatherman, muts or mute, so I'm not sure mu T and then I have a couple other tools in here like a little paring knife packs and a little adjustable wrench that just for for little things. I have this pack of gum. That kind of floats around it's usually back here in here I have some. This is my little Garmin - it's not always in here, but sometimes it is sometimes they're taking a charge or taking on a hike or it'll be in a backpack or something, but sometimes it's sometimes it's in here. This is a little GPS guy that allows you to send texts through GPS. So when you don't have cell phone service is kind of an emergency survival type communication tool. So when you're out of cell phone range, this is good to have, in addition to just being a little GPS unit, and then I have a couple of these. These are caffeine, mints, vite or energy. They have a chocolate one. I think that's actually my favorite flavor. I think I have it in here, maybe on the other side and then some lotion, some sunscreen and some hand lotion in here - and this actually is in here right now, but I don't usually keep it in here. This is a little Ruger LCP that I just have in a sock in case. I need to put a gun in a pocket or something for some reason going to the gym or whatever I like to just have a little option on me. People will say well, you're gon na your car is going to get broken into and someone's going to know. They know that you have a gun in there. It is what it is. It'S two hundred dollars if something's gon na break into my truck, I don't really park anywhere. I park in my garage and in a private parking lot at work that I'm like 20 feet away from, so you got to be pretty ballsy to break into it. But if, if it happens it it Vince - and I usually don't keep this in here - I I'm kind of exploring ideas for vehicular safes, but I usually just have a gun on my body and but it's in here and I was gon na - take it out because I kind of really want to show a gun, but it's it's in there and it isn't usually, but it is right now and yeah. It is what it is. I have this little divider separator. So I have a shop. Also, slash shop, slash last line of defense, and there I have lists of a lot of this stuff is in it. This is a little divider thing for the glovebox, so that's what's going on in there or not the glovebox, the center console storage. So over here actually have a ranch house cranking on some things: that's down there. This is the interior antenna for the weboost, but I'll talk about that more when I do like a whole wheat, Boosh video. This is another velcro Maxpedition pouch that just keep a little boo-boo kit, so some ibuprofen band-aids little things like that. In my glove box I have a little pair of like super thin kind of driving type gloves. I don't really ever wear them, but I just keep them in here. In case I need a thin pair of gloves for something some wet wipes. I keep. I think I've mentioned it before, like some various plastic wear, sports and stuff in case I go camping and somehow forget silverware for one reason or another in here I have a Magpul daca pouch. This has all of my ram, not all of them, but a lot of my more frequently used ram mounts so things that work with these little balls. Here, it's just a little envelope for tires that I keep my insurance and registration and stuff, and this is my little ARB air deflator tool that I keep in here all the time. That'S pretty nice. So another question I get asked is like you: have all this stuff doesn't a rattle around and I hate rattle. So no none of this stuff rattles. I have it in here in a way that nothing rattles, unless I'm taking like a crazy bump may be the only rattle that I really have is something up here in my headliner that I want to rip it all apart, because it's the only thing that I Got going on over here, I don't really have anything else. I have set of shop towels and then some, I think, some little like grocery bags in here and a little Purell, and that's it over on this side. Underneath this seat is the wee boosts like thingy. The main we boosting that makes the we boost happen, so I have an antenna interior antenna here, the main reboost thing here and then the big antenna outside that I showed you earlier go ahead and get out here so underneath also in addition to my slider rag, I have this little pouch in here I have a little cheap, both bang handheld ham, radio. In case we need to winch or somebody's getting out of the car, whatever this can communicate with our vehicle systems and therefore have a longer range. It'S just a little cheap, bow thing I also have under here. This is a they call, a slim jim, it's like a 15-foot, I think, or 20 foot or five meter, I'm not exactly sure, a longer antenna that I can hook to my ham radio system to get more range. So it's basically a coiled antenna in here that I can hook up to my system and throw up in a tree or something to get a ton of range and you can use ham radios as repeaters or something if you go hiking or just to extend the Range if somebody's trying to come meet you and you need to communicate with them. So I keep that under my seat. Let'S not use that frequently, but it's just those are flat items take up no space. Just I got nothing else going on under my seat. So that's what I have under there so moving to the back seat here back here, I have an orange reflective vest in case I get a flat need to change it on the side of the road or something where I need to be highly visible. I keep that there. These are let off wipes. I keep this here Curt when I go. Shooting house go shooting outside in like Forest Service land, and these are just like wet wipes, but get the lead off. So you know a little better for shooting. I have a physical map here, a bunch of little hand, warmers pair mechanics, gloves and underneath all of this I have a little umbrella. That'S just in the bottom in case, I need an umbrella for something in here. I have weather text in the backseat. Hopefully, this focus isn't too bad. It'S hard to see on this little. This is just the ice, scraper, slash, sweeper and it tacomas are kind of nice under the seat. We have some storage here. I have a pair of bolt cutters back there because you know you never know when you need to cut bolt here. I have. This is a shirt and a hat whatever. So I have a bunch of a recording here have like a bike lock in case. I need to lock a pelican down to something or whatever, mostly pair of cord. I have some tired, goo and like a little Harbor Freight tire repair kit, but I have like a bigger tire repair kit in my actual recovery year that I take when I go. Four-Wheeling, but this is kind of like a backup kit that I keep in here. This is just some gorilla tape. I keep a spare belt in here and that's pretty much. It have some random things and stuff. That'S! What'S in my under seat storage on the other side we'll get to, but it's basically just my Jack back there and then behind the seat. Tacomas have some storage also so back here I have my fire extinguisher and then I have. This is a Makita. There had a Makita and Milwaukee tool bag and then back here I have a little jump starter. Some three mil big trash bags. Some of these, like led road, flares type things. I have some actual road flares under there in this little backpack. In this little thing, that's like a super compressible backpack that fits in this little baggie, but then you can pull it out and it turns into a backpack. If you need to use the backpack in here. I have basically my whole toolkit, so sockets wrenches pliers hacksaw. I have a little hand drill a little road route. We have all kinds of good stuff in here. If you want to see me like go into my whole, like breakdown of my tool, kit, let me know - and I can I'm kind of looking for a new tool bag, because this doesn't look that cool. You know it's just, but I had it it's. What a set of my tools came with and it fits back here perfectly - I'm sorry, it's kind of hard to do one hand, but it fits back there perfect. So I may replace that with a cooler looking like canvas bag or something, but that's what I got going on for now - oops I'll put these back under there in a second, let's go around to the other side. Actually stop back here. This is kind of interior. This is a bag I'm giving my friend, so I've talked about it a little bit, but I got some tarps a little camping, chair headlamp. I have. I keep a spare a couple: jackets rain jacket and stuff and actually my longer ham antenna, because I keep a little stubby on all the time that kind of works. But I may need some more range. Then I'll put this bigger antenna on and I just have some other random things back. This is kind of interior right. I keep these used truck or hitches to tie stuff down a lot. I have some other ratchet, straps and bungees and stuff that I keep in there. That'S the kind of interior, I guess of the bed not getting too into it and then back here on this side. I keep on these little collapsible dog bowls. I have one of these. This is just like giving from my vet or whatever it's one of the it's like a really. It'S not a leash that I use for my own dog, but I could in a pinch, if I forget one or if there's a stray or something that doesn't have a collar. This is the kind that can go around the neck and kind of keep them tight. So in case I don't have a collar, I could still leash them up there. This is another pair of mechanics. These are like the impact with the big knuckle protectors, and then here I have a clean canteen and just in one of my koozies, so it doesn't vibrate around much kind of dance that and this I never really use it's just kind of an emergency stainless steel Bottle that I keep water in not full all the way, so if it freezes it's alright, but anyways, that's doesn't get used. Much kind of more of an emergency thing then behind here is a jacket. This is a Vic Toews jacket, that's just covering my get home bag and some stuff I have in my get home bag. It'S just an extra jacket and to cover that up. So I've done videos, I might get home bag. So you can. You can check those out. This is a little storage tub. Let'S see hinge, I don't know I'll link to it. I like this hinge one there's not a lot of so this fits perfectly back here. I have it sideways so that way, I can still sit. Two people here or if I need to sit three, I can just take this stuff and put it in the bed of my truck. But I like it back here for quick access and it kind of stays a little bit warmer, except some water and some other stuff in here. So I keep it back here because you know I'm not transporting a bunch of people all the time. But if I need to like, I said, move it to the back and then it frees up the whole bench, but I like the hinge because I can come over here and I can get stuff out of this. So this is my winter kit. Basically, so I can access stuff out of here. If I need to - and I got all kinds of stuff, I got goggles balaclavas, jackets, water bottles. I actually put some spare washer fluid. Let'S see if we can get some focus on here. It says washer, fluid and Sharpie in here, so I don't have to carry around a huge bottle separate. I have some water bottles now jeans. I have a pair of boots. I have some of these some food, a bunch of warmth, a little sleeping bag back here and some spikes, so these are like ice spikes to put on your boots. So this is just kind of emergency stuff but stuff that I'll grab once in a while on camping or something I have like three different pairs of mittens. I have a pair of snow pants in here a couple of balaclava, so all kinds of good stuff in here, and I like the hinge because, like I said just flip it up open, just didn't close it back up just like that. So I'll push this over the side here, because we have storage, I'm not even going to go under because I'd have to move my get home bag. But under here I have my just like standard factory Jack. I have a couple kind of recovery items. A tow strap, not a snatch, strap at a tow, strap my snatch straps in my recovery bag and some shackles miscellaneous stuff under here and then behind the seat. Again, this is you can go behind here. I have the JBL system, so this lower portion is a subwoofer. So if you don't have the JBL system, you have a ton of storage back here. I kind of I'm almost jealous of that, but I don't have it. This is a multicam tarp that I have that I use as an honor you can see here are the legs that I use for the awning, so this Plus this is an awning that I can hook up to my roof racks. Here we have this: coming, I'm gon na do a more permanent. This is the weboost antenna. This is coming in here, but I found a hole underneath that goes into the cab that I'll reroute, my reboost, but right now going through the door anyways that tarp / awning, so a tarp has you know a million uses, but also I have it set up In a way that I can use it as an awning and then I just keep a big towel back here, because you never know we need a towel if you need to go, take a shower last minute at your gym or your big spill whatever I just Keep a towel back here, because it's otherwise wasted space and I love utilizing wasted space. I have a little bit of space over here. To that you could put you know another fire extinguisher or something of that type of size, so yeah that'll close up, and then that is that over here. Actually, I have this little like a giant carabiner, and I use that sometimes to secure groceries, and I have one of these little bungees back here for for whatever for whatever use, I think that's it alright guys. Hopefully that was helpful again. I'M gon na link to everything down in a video description below, if you have questions on anything, feel free to ask if you want a more detailed video on any of the things that I talked about in here. Definitely let me know because the comments that I see on my channel cuz, I do read all of them kind of helps - dictate the videos that I'm gon na make in the future. So if you really want a video on the weboost or if you really want a bigger video on ham setup or you really want my tool kit or if you really want my everything, that's in my winter bin. Let me know, because you guys letting me know what you want to see, helps me know what people want to watch and you guys are watching my videos, so I want to make more videos that you want to watch. I appreciate you taking the time to watch these videos. I am gon na be doing a lot of videos coming up jackets and stuff because it's winter - and I realized that if I test the jacket throughout the winter, then by the time I make a video about the jacket - that's no longer a winter, and it doesn't Really make sense also I apologize. I have this thing on f1 point for the whole time, which means there's a shallow depth-of-field, so things aren't in focus as much that's because it was kind of dark some of the stuff I was showing in there, but I probably should have pumped that up. So my bad, if if there was a lot of blurriness, it's hard to see, because I just used this little screen over here, so it's kind of hard to see anyway, it's Christmas Eve, so I'm gon na get to Christmas Eve type festivities now, and I hope You had an awesome Christmas and we'll have a really really great New Year. If you found this video helpful, always that thumbs up really helps comment down below, like I mentioned, get subscribed at the channel if you're not and hit that notification icon. So you can get notified because yeah, it's good stuff until next time guys take care.

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