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[, Music ], what's up everybody, hope everybody's having a great day today, so once upon a time, this truck great year was bone-stock. When I got this thing literally, nothing was done to it at all and of course, I dreamt up doing the lift kit dreamt of doing everything that I've already done to this thing right now, but, as many of you guys may know, this shit costs a lot Of money - and it's something that takes a lot of time to build on like I've, been putting money into this truck for the past four years now and you can accomplish all your goals and dreams you have with your vehicle build, but it will take some time Of course, so I kind of thought you a cool idea to make a video talking about three things that you can do to your truck simple and easy without spending a shit ton of money on it. So obviously, when you get your truck and it's bone stock, you're thinking of stuff, that you can do to make it look cool or make it stand out from the rest, at least that's how I was thinking when I got my truck. So this is three cheap and easy mods that you can do to your truck so first thing on the list. This is something that changes the appearance of your truck and honestly, it just makes it look more mean from the front when you look at it. It'S definitely a super easy concept and cost literally next to nothing to do so. What I'm talking about right now, it's called truck eyelids or truck eyelashes. Some of you guys might think this is stupid or whatever, but honestly looking at different pictures of trucks. The house that's done to it does make the truck with more mean and its appearance. So basically, what it is is it's something that goes and it basically covers the top part of your headlight there and it kind of makes it look like your truck is frowning in a way or something I always say: I'm not gon na. Do it to mine, because I have these LED halos right there and it would cover it and then it would look stupid. But as you guys will see in the pictures that I have on the screen right now, it does alter the look of the truck. Quite a bit and depending on the maker and model it gives every truck a different look when the eyelids are put on the truck. But personally, it's something I don't see too often and when you do see it on a truck you're like oh, what that was that kind of thing. So, first thing: I think this is something that you can do for pretty cheap deer truck to make it look. You know better and make it stand out and stuff to do this mod to your truck. It'S probably gon na cost you anywhere from like 10 to 20 bucks, really not that expensive at all. And if you sitting at home right now watching this video and you have like three cents to your name, you know what go grab. Some black tape, throw that shit on your headlight and you can still change the appearance that way and hey. Even if you have a car or something like this, it doesn't have to be just on the truck. You get throw some tape on there. You can throw some tape on those headlights. Make them look different too. If you want and as you guys can see right now, this hungry Ram is getting ready to eat these couple little cars here for breakfast. By the way, it is a little bit chilly outside right now years, getting colder by the minute right now so cap you're too long shooting this video for you guys my ears, gon na turn, black fall off on the ground and I'll look like an idiot all Right second, cheap and easy mob that you can do to your draw it's going to be throwing some aftermarket exhaust tips on the back. Let'S take stock Tacomas for an example, their exhaust tip literally looks like a piece of spaghetti hanging out from the back. It just doesn't look good with the truck. In my opinion, it doesn't look mean and honestly, it just looks really lame. In my opinion, and depending on what size you want to get for exhaust tips and if you want to get one or two exhaust tips, you can easily spend like 30 to 50 bucks and get some aftermarket exhaust tips. That won't only improve the look of your truck and make it look better from the back, but it will also alter the sound as well and make your truck sound better and louder. So I definitely say if you wanted to do something your truck and don't have too much money, exhaust tips would not be a bad place to start. Literally, all you got to do is find an exhaust tip that'll fit onto the piping that you have alright. Now, at the back of your truck and then you can weld them on or you can even get the ones that clamp on and that's even easier and takes less time and literally you don't have to know how to weld. You don't have to know anything. You can literally just throw that on your pipe and just tighten it on boom. There you go, you have an aftermarket exhaust tip on the one risk you will be facing with this. Is that you know if you're outside one day, you're sending it through some snow, exhaust tips could come unclamped and it could look a little bit silly ìwe rocker, but you know that's an easy fix as well. All you got to do in that scenario, tekneqs back on not a big deal. I got these big-ass exhaust tips on my truck for 18 inch, long, six, inch, wide tips and for having a big truck. I feel like this look right here. It'S very important to have some big exhaust tips to go with it instead of little small eyes, this piece of spaghetti sticking out of the back, and you know why even look at this car right here boom he's got the aftermarket exhaust tip, and I personally think That that looks much much better than having just stock tip at the back all right now, the third cheap and easy mod that you can do do trucks. This is by far the cheapest thing, in my opinion, that you can do to your truck to alter its looks, big-time and just change the appearance of it, and this is something that I've used tons with my truck, and it's also one of the first things that I ever ever did to my truck to change anything on it when it was bone stock. So what I'm talking about right now is Plasti Dip. Plasti Dip is a very, very good tool, very cheap to buy very easy to use. And honestly, it's super straightforward to use and it's hard to screw up while using it one first things I ever did in my truck was I blacked out my Rab 5100 emblems. Trucks will see right now, cuz of the roads, obviously but placid at my emblems. There. All this stuff was chrome earlier, i plastidip did black and honestly, it's holding up really really well still to this day, my back bumper right here kind of looks white from all the salt from the roads same with my tailgate, but this is all pasta depth as Well, as many you guys may know, my back cover is green, which is also Plasti Dip. My front bumper and my grill is also plastidip black, and let me tell you when this is chrome. It looked completely different. The whole appearance of the truck and everything as a whole looks so much different while being chrome and as soon as i plastidip to everything black and made the whole front end of the truck look completely different, like it looked like a different vehicle. All in all a bigger honest, i did the whole front grille using one can of plastic. If that's it up in canada, here or cata positive cost, like 20 bucks, but i know in the states it cost something like six bucks, which is ridiculously cheap. To do something to truck like that, i'm sure you could take it off and paint it and stuff, but that's tons more work at paints just a little bit more difficult to work with. If you screw up that's kind of just how it is, unless you sand it down and repaint it, but with the plastidip, you literally have nothing to lose, because you can just peel it right off. If you don't like how it looks after another reason why I chose class you'd have to use on all this stuff. Is that my grill, my bumper, both used to be chrome and as many of you guys may know, painting chrome is not an easy thing to do. You have to sand it down very well and just requires a lot of extra work for it to actually work out good. But if I sit up, you can just spray over straight chrome and it'll stay flying, which is amazing and something that paint just does not do and the first time I've ever plastid it. My grill and everything was probably about three years ago now and it lasted just about a year and I started to peel off. So what I did the second time around when I did it is. I just bought a clear coat spray and then, after I was done like five layers of plastidip or whatever I use the clear coat spray for a few layers and honestly since I did that and lasts so much longer and has just that much less problems to Deal with - and it's just a lot better that way, and also something pretty interesting worth noting here, is that this piece right here was done with Plasti Dip and a clear coat spray, and look at that there's nothing wrong with it. It'S not peeling or nothing. It'S literally perfect stuff and that's put on there for a good year and a half already, and then we go over here to the torsion bar and look at that. The whole entire top of that is peeling. It'S starting to look like shit. Look at that back. There - and that was done with green paint, probably like half a year ago, so that just goes to show how good plasti. That really is to do this kind of stuff with and if you do want to take the plastidip off with the clear coat spray. It will be harder to do, but you know what, if you have a plastidip on, you already see what it looks like and you like how it looks and basically you're not gon na have a reason to take it off anymore. If you already see what it looks like on the truck and don't want to take it off so at that point it would be a good time to use the clear spray on top of that and just make it more durable and whatnot so anyways. I hope this video helps some of you guys out. Hopefully, this video can help some you guys get started on your truck, builds out there. It'S definitely a long process and a long journey to get your vehicle. The way that you want it to look cost a lot of money to do, but you know what every little step is worth it and you know what you guys is gon na enjoy the journey and everything that you add to it. You just got to enjoy little by little and before you know it you'll be looking at your truck saying holy shit can't believe. That'S my truck. That'S the way that I feel anyways. So I hope that everybody enjoyed this video. Hopefully, everybody can take something away from this video. Let me know in the comments down below, if you guys enjoyed, make sure you subscribe to the channel for more videos. I hope everybody has a great rest of the week and I'll see you guys later. Music, ]

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